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*Employment Scam Alert*

If you were offered a job from outside the United States and are unsure if it is a scam, please read the following:


Employment Scam Alert

There is a growing resurgence of Internet scams that target online job seekers in order to gain personal and financial information. If you are interested in employment opportunities with Sterling Construction Company, Inc., or one of its subsidiaries, please be aware that we post all employment opportunities on our corporate website ( Sterling does send blind offers of employment to job seekers through job boards such as CareerBuilder or LinkedIn; however such job postings will redirect you to Sterling’s corporate website.

In order to safeguard your job search, below are some typical signs of employment scams. By reviewing this information, you will be better equipped to determine the legitimacy of a Sterling job post.

Signs that a job post could be a scam:

It has a generic, over-used or vague job title. For example, "Admin Assistant" and "Customer Service Rep" are frequently used in fraudulent posts.

It fails to list a specific location for the job.

It lists a salary or hourly wage that seems "too good to be true" or very specific (e.g. $13.64 - 34.23 per hour).

The job is posted with a title that does not match the description.

The posting contains strange sentences or misspellings.

The description has a lot of exclamation points and promises high income in one week.

The description boldly states "No Experience Necessary" but has a promise of high pay.

A response to your e-mail inquiry comes from an individual in a foreign country, looking to hire people in the United States.

The same auto response is generated to all of your e-mails.

Other precautions:

Never disclose your personal financial information to anyone via e-mail. Sterling does not ask for this information via email.

Beware of job offers that contain "trust exercises." Legitimate employment processes do not require you to receive money and then spend it through purchasing items, donating to a cause, etc.

Beware of employment processes that use pressure tactics via text messaging.

Beware of employment processes that do not include a Human Resources contact.






The Sterling Helpline

If you ever feel unsure about where to go, or are uncomfortable using one of the other resources identified using the link below, Sterling has an additional resource that can help: the Sterling Helpline, which can be accessed by telephone or online.

The sole purpose of this telephone and online resource is to answer questions and respond to concerns about compliance, integrity and Sterling policies.

An independent company that helps businesses respond to employees’ concerns about integrity and compliance operates the Sterling Helpline. The Sterling Helpline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also has translation services available at all times.

You may reach the Sterling Helpline —

By calling 1-800-216-1288, which is the Helpline number for Spanish-speaking employees (From Mexico dial 001-800-216-1288);

By sending an e-mail in any language to: (Must include the name of the company);

On the Internet at (Must include the name of the company).

By sending a fax in any language to 1-215-689-3885 (Must include the name of the company).

For more details, please see the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Tab within this website: