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It’s all about the people.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Sterling. We are passionate team players who expect the best from ourselves and each other. Our work is challenging and important; recognized and rewarded. We are, after all, building the future of our nation and its communities.

Sterling is the parent corporation of independently operated companies specializing in different sectors, including E-infrastructure Solutions, Transportation Solutions, and Building Solutions.

We’re meeting the future head on – expanding our offerings, investing in new technologies and services, and preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Recognizing the need to expand beyond heavy civil projects, our focus was refined, and our scope was broadened, resulting in years of solid growth and success. But we’re really just getting started, because what we now know as “infrastructure” is changing and evolving. Consequently, so is Sterling. Our goal is to not only meet the nation’s needs today, but spearhead infrastructure’s evolution with innovative solutions, technologies, and services for tomorrow.

Why Sterling?

We Build PRIDE

For individuals looking for a company that values their wellbeing as much as their talent, expertise, and contributions to company success, Sterling is a shining example. Our most valuable resource is our people, and we are diligent in our efforts to create a culture at the corporate level, as well as in each of our subsidiaries, that embraces all heritages and backgrounds, keeps employees safe, and protects the environment. We want people to want to work for us. Therefore, we strive to foster an environment that puts our employees first.

Inclusion is KEY

Though we share a common vision and mission, Sterling is made up of many diverse races, cultures, backgrounds, and genders. We welcome all employees and cherish each as an integral part of our excellence. Every Sterling employee brings a unique perspective to the company and it is through this diversity of history and thought that we are able to best serve our customers and communities.

Putting a Premium on TALENT

Along with offering competitive wages, excellent benefits and investment in the professional growth and development of our employees, we maintain strong partnerships with universities and trade schools to ensure exceptional talent at all levels of the organization. We look for the best and we hire the best. This helps create a reputation of excellence as well as a point of pride and team mentality that Sterling employees wholeheartedly embrace. 


We don’t saddle our subsidiary companies with the burden of a heavy hand from corporate management. We give them the autonomy they need to make decisions at the local level and the freedom to respond to the market’s ever-changing needs to optimize their success. We are here as a resource for them but recognize that mutual independence among our companies only makes us that much stronger.

We’re a Company that CARES

From employee safety and community involvement to ensuring diversity and protecting the environment, Sterling takes social responsibility to heart. It’s why we strive to be a leader in responsible and sustainable operations. It’s also why we proudly give of our time, resources, and talent to countless community and charitable organizations. The employees of Sterling and our subsidiaries donate thousands of volunteer hours each and every year for the betterment of our communities.

Imagine if your passion touches one or 10 or 10,000 people. That is the way we can change the world.

Sterling has numerous career streams. Whether you are looking for a corporate or a construction career, exciting opportunities are waiting for you at the Sterling family of companies.