About Sterling

Innovation in Infrastructure

Sterling has successfully transformed and we continue to evolve.

In 2022, we proudly changed our new company name to reflect who we are and where we are going. Hear what our CEO, Joe Cutillo, has to say about our brand and the people who bring it to life in this video.

We build. We create. We facilitate change. We are forging a new path forward with environmentally-responsible construction, services, and smart solutions to answer the nation’s infrastructure needs today and beyond.

Sterling is a driving force in providing innovative infrastructure solutions for the betterment of our employees, communities, customers, and investors. In 2015, we committed to transforming our organization from a business that was 95% Heavy Civil to a results-driven, growth-minded efficient machine and today we:

  • Remain focused on our key objectives: Bottom-Line Growth, Risk Reduction, Exceed Peer Performance
  • Continue executing our strategic vision introduced in 2016 to solidify the base, grow high-margin products, and expand into adjacent markets
  • Offer a diversified portfolio of service offerings in our nation’s top markets
  • Deliver consistent growth of higher-margin lower-risk work and strong stock returns
  • Embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and our customer-centric culture

Sterling is an industry leader specializing in E-infrastructure, Transportation and Building Solutions.

E-infrastructure Solutions provides advanced, large-scale site development services for data centers, manufacturing, e-commerce distribution centers, warehousing, energy and more. Transportation Solutions includes infrastructure and rehabilitation projects for highways, roads, bridges, airports, ports, rail and storm drainage systems. Building Solutions projects include residential and commercial concrete foundations for single-family and multi-family homes, parking structures, elevated slabs and other concrete work.

From strategy to operations, we are committed to sustainability by operating responsibly to safeguard and improve society’s quality of life.

Our Culture

Our brand evolution embraces our entrepreneurial spirit

  • Sterling benefits from a roster of companies with unmatched quality, sound management, and proven performance
  • Our subsidiaries have the autonomy they need to make decisions at the local level and the freedom to respond to the market’s ever-changing needs to optimize their success
  • We are here as their resource but recognize that mutual independence among our companies only makes us that much stronger

Caring for our people and our communities, our customers, and our investors – that’s The Sterling Way.

We are conscientious. Everything we do affects not only society but the very fabric of our civilization. Therefore, we strive to ensure the results of our labor make a positive impact for the good of all. It’s why we use recycled materials, reclaimed water, and stockpile the aggregate from our projects. Moreover, from water delivery systems to transportation systems to community service initiatives like facilitating the construction of homes for disabled veterans, Sterling always puts people first.

Our History

We are a trusted leader. While building structures and systems is our business, building relationships and trust is equally important. It’s why we constantly look for ways to do more and be more for our employees, customers, investors, and the communities we serve. After all, the things we do improve society’s quality of life. It’s an awesome responsibility that demands an equally awesome foundation of trust.

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  • When it all began

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    The company, Oakhurst Company, Inc., was originally founded by two brothers, James and Richard Manning, in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

  • Relocation to Texas

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    The company relocates to Houston, Texas due to the region’s economic growth and quickly becomes one of the region’s largest contractors, engaged in the construction of underground sanitary sewers, water mains, storm sewers, paving, and light rail infrastructure.

  • Texas Sterling Construction

    Sub Label

    Texas Sterling Construction is formed as a premier Heavy Civil Infrastructure company in Houston.

  • Sterling Construction Company is formed

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    Oakhurst and Steel City Products, Inc. merge, facilitating the capital formation for Sterling Construction Company, Inc.

  • Sterling goes public

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    Sterling Construction Company, Inc. becomes a publicly-traded company.

  • Road and Highway Builders, LLC (RHB) is acquired

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    • 2nd Public Stock Offering
    • $123M RHB Backlog
  • Ralph L. Wadsworth (RLW) is acquired

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    • 3rd Public Stock Offering
    • $198M RLW Backlog
    • STRL is ranked in the Top 200 Contractors in the U.S. by ENR
    • RHB enters Hawaii Market
  • Banicki joins the Sterling family

    A leading provider of technically advanced, partnership-driven solutions for civil infrastructure. Banicki delivers outstanding services and experience in guiding and working with Owners, Program Managers, Designers, Stakeholders and Facilities Users to achieve cost, schedule and quality goals.

  • Tealstone is acquired

    • Tealstone is a market leader in commercial and residential concrete construction in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and serves national homebuilders in Texas and Oklahoma
    • Expands STRL’s commercial projects in the Texas market
  • Plateau Excavation is acquired

    Sub Label

    A leading provider of large-scale specialty site infrastructure improvement contracting services and the largest excavating contractor in Southeastern U.S., Plateau serves large, blue-chip customers in the e-commerce, data center, distribution center, warehousing, and energy sectors.


    Sterling acquired Petillo, an industry-leading specialty site development solution provider in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and Kimes & Stone, a soil stabilization business in the Southeast. These acquisitions further expand STRL’s geographic footprint and broaden our e-infrastructure customer base, service offerings, and capabilities.

  • Sterling Infrastructure, Inc.

    • Sterling aligns company name to reflect leadership in infrastructure solutions. Once primarily a highway and bridge construction company, Sterling is now an infrastructure solutions provider with a portfolio of diversified, value-added services and an expanded footprint in high-growth end markets.
    • Sterling acquired Concrete Construction Services of Arizona L.L.C. and its affiliated company (collectively “CCS”). CCS provides residential single-family home concrete foundations, including the preparation, pouring and finishing of post-tension concrete foundations in new housing subdivisions in the Greater Phoenix area.
    • Sterling sells the Company’s 50% ownership interest in its partnership with Myers & Sons Construction L.P. (“Myers”)
  • Texas-Based Professional Plumbers Group is Acquired

    Professional Plumbers Group (PPG) serves a range of residential home builders in the greater Dallas area. PPG enhances Sterling’s Building Solutions segment by allowing us to broaden our services and deliver more value to residential builders as a full-service concrete slab and plumbing provider.