We build and service the infrastructure that enables our economy to run, our people to move and our country to grow.

Sterling is a market-leading infrastructure services provider of E-infrastructure Solutions, Building Solutions, and Transportation Solutions that delivers excellent returns through a highly respected and profitable roster of subsidiaries, sound management, and solid growth strategies.


The Sterling Way has always been about caring for our people and communities, our customers, and our investors.

Everything we do affects not only society but also the very fabric of our civilization. Because every facet of our work impacts all aspects of life, we are committed to being good stewards of the community and the environment.

We work to help secure a positive, lasting impact in our infrastructure operations, as well as in the communities in which we operate. We seek to understand and look for ways to address and meet goals that are pertinent to our industry. We help spread awareness of the importance of a future for all by promoting sustainability practices and actions within our industry and beyond.

To Our People & Our Communities

Sterling is the infrastructure services company that not only cares about our employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing, but is dedicated to a culture of inclusion, diversity of thought, innovative solutions, and good works throughout the community.

To Our Customers

Everything we do affects everyone around us. That includes customers as well as society. We build our businesses around meeting the needs of the people we serve. 

To Our Investors

We build VALUE. For investors seeking high margins, healthy cash flow, proven performance, and strong operational execution, we present an excellent opportunity for solid returns.